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I see the approval of the Writing niche has been delayed. Yesterday I saw 1 hour was left, and now 23 hours are still there...

At the same time, I saw niches with fewer points and upvote% not delayed (The Writing Room, for example, didn't go through that, from what I saw).

Any explanation?

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Yes, I'm sure about 19 votes. Afterwards we got a few but not in first 72 hours time frame. Now it doesn't matter if we get 30 or more. Clock will stop only at the end of another 72 hours. 

Ok. I was quite sure that more votes than The Writing Room (20) were already there, but seems I'm wrong. Still, I don't get why yesterday was 1 hour left and today 21h. The 72 hours doesn't seem to apply...

@Vico Biscotti. Most likely you were at 19 votes and didn't get the 20 votes by the time the clock restarted. It looks like you have plenty now and the clock should end in less than 24 hrs. Are you sure it didn't say 1 day left yesterday?  Anyway, we will keep a watch out to make sure it is working.

@MOLLY O, yesterday I was sure to have seen more than 20 votes, and 1h left. But @Blogger Krunal says votes were 19 (before the first expiry, or yesterday?), so I may be wrong also on the 1h...

I didn't take screenshots so, honestly, I'm not 100% sure. Thanks anyway. I'll too keep an eye on this and see if in 17h is now going to end, as it's likely.

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