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The "Contest" niche has spelling errors in its description.  Here is how it stands now:

All the contest in Narrative platfrom where users can earn NRVE tokens. Users can create contest and giveaway free NRVE tokens to participants and winners of the contest.

Should be:

 All the contests in the Narrative platform where users can earn NRVE tokens. Users can create a contest and giveaway free NRVE tokens to participants and winners of the contest.

Would it then be the Tribunals job to request the owner to edit the description?

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I've taken some flack for being very hard-nosed about niche approvals...  but since the community has no recourse once a niche is approved, I won't vote for something with an unclear description, grammatical errors, etc.

@ted just explained this to me today.  We can go to the "profile" section of the niche, if we do not own it, and appeal to have changes made or the niche completely removed.

I think we may be talking about two different things though.  I like that the appeal option is there, and it does give us a way to ask the Tribunal to change an existing niche or remove it.  I asked to have "anarchy" removed since it is a duplicate of Anarchism for example.  They appear to be approving it too thankfully.  I wouldn't want to reject or remove an existing niche because of an editing issue in the description, but I would want to be able to clean up the definition without changing the scope of the niche when there are capitalization, grammar, or other minor errors.

Of course, @Finnian. It's good to have edit options, and also rejecting a niche for minor mistakes is not fair.

Still, we don't have tools for appealing bad definitions. And sometimes the owner changes the meaning of the niche. The Tribunal may approve, but the community approved something different. Or maybe the community was wrong in approving the first time, or the situation was different, or nobody noticed.

Members (not the owners, I mean) should be able to appeal JUST the description of a niche (or JUST the name), and major changes to description should be submitted to the community, in my opinion.

I'm torn over rejecting them for minor errors, but we have no way to be sure those errors would be fixed later.  This came up with "Music band" when it should have been "Music Bands."  The description of the suggested niche wasn't that good either.  It is a good idea to have the community vote on those decisions, but sometimes the community makes mistakes too.  We need a way to balance things out between community and Tribunal decisions, and I hope the minor issue of descriptions and names of niches doesn't harm Narrative.  It shouldn't.

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