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Hello! I'm now the proud owner of 4 niches and one more pending. I'd like very much to have those featured on my profile. Am I missing that? Is that already there and has not updated? Or, is that TBD? Many thanks!

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Jayme, no apologies necessary at all.   There are two totally different and disconnected sites.

There is the Narrative site, which is currently in Alpha and headed to Beta is where your Niches are, and your profile, and content and everything good eventually will be.  That is what is growing and what we are working on.

And there is this site, which is just a user support site. It's here to give people a place to talk and ask questions and exchange feedback with us, all while the actual Narrative platform is built because it has no way yet to provide these things.  This support site is not actually connected to the Narrative platform itself in any way, though we have did our best to stylize it somewhat to feel similar to the real Narrative website as it existed when this site was first set up.

This site might, at some point, go away and it might not.  It'll depend upon whether or not it still has some use once the actual Narrative platform is completed. If the community still needs and uses it, then it will perhaps stay. If it becomes redundant or abandoned it'll go.   We're a long long way from needing to make a decision though. For now this is where we can converse in way that Narrative doesn't yet provide the ability to do.  Call it, "home while we are building our home."  

Anyhow, that is why your Narrative activity, niche list, and all the things that are growing over there - don't show up here.

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