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Easy improvement with a bing bang for your development efforts:

- when you display the results of a niche search, show with a simple label whether the niche was:





Please also consider showing a date for each label, in other words:

   The date the niche was rejected

   The date the niche was approved

   The date the niche was purchased/became active


When people search niches, they will often be trying to determine whether another niche is redundant, or whether a niche exists that they can buy.  It is impossible to know this by looking at the current list of results - one has to click on all the niches in the list to learn this information.  Some results lists will be huge - consider a search for 'crypto', for instance.

Dates can be important in determining which of two niches came first, which will be important in resolving niche clashes.

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Thanks for the suggestion, @Malkazoid! The first part (showing status on search results) is definitely something in our plans. Additionally, we have plans to improve how redundant niches are identified (even including the requirement to choose which niche a new niche duplicates), which will help a lot with your second idea.

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