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I'm thinking about suggesting a niche in a subject about which I'm passionate but there are dozens of sub-categories in the subject. I am very interested in some but not all of the sub-categories.

The subject is wargaming. Sub categories could be miniature wargaming, board wargaming. Sub sub cateogories could be by period (ancient, WW 2, napoleonic etc) or genre (sci-fi, fantasy) or subject (terrain modeling, miniature painting).

Am I right in thinking that the content creator gets to categorize their content into niches (is there a limit to the number they can include) in which case someone creating content such as a painting guide for a particular uniform could categorize it into "miniature painting"and "napoleonic wargaming"? How does this work if the niches do not yet exist?

How do you find Narrative content is getting generated? Do people come here to get questions answered or is it more that the content generators are  blogging (for want of a better word) about things they are interested in?

How is Narrative doing? How do you figure out if enough people are engaged with the platform to decide how much time to spend building it?

With content on wargaming there are a few forum based websites where some experts give out great information. The websites, but not the experts, benefit. There is also Facebook - but this is terrible if you want to dig up archived content. Youtube is good if it is specifically a video you are looking for.

What do people who have dived into Narrative think?



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I'm still new so please don't take my word for this.  Wargaming sounds like the main parent niche.  Is miniature wargaming and board wargaming in the same family? (both include miniatures?)  Then that could be indicated in the description of the niche.  Then I would say something general like 


Includes miniatures and board wargames.  Topics include historical period miniatures and games, strategies, collectibles, .. (etc.) 

Re: painting, I'm unsure about this, since this is kind of a distinct thing from the playing of the games.  Right?  I mean what would your community think about painting being lumped in?  Can you assume that players generally also do a bit of painting as well?  If yes, then it could just go under Wargaming, too. 

Right now it seems to me people are blogging about their passions.  I haven't seen any comments to the effect of "hey I signed up on this site just to comment and say thank you for the info."  That's a great thought though, that would be cool if people did do that.  I think to get that sort of interaction going requires a bit of marketing on a niche owner's part to bring people from the outside, to their content.  I guess some authors could take that upon themselves too, and they do by sharing to social media.

Forums are a great thing you mentioned.  Automotive is like that, too.  I see a lot of potential in these hobby forums to migrate to Narrative where they would be rewarded for participating, although there's a culture of giving freely to the community without expecting things in return, that should be respected when conversing about it.

My tips on deciding if you want to dive in is spend a lot of time becoming familiar with the audience here.  It's a global audience.  Wargaming is very niche, but it's awesome.  I think I've seen your miniatures!  There's definitely a hobbyist and gamer culture here but it's small.  If you used Narrative as your home base you could just link to your niche when you're out and about in the interwebz in your forum sig files, or leaving a flyer at your local hobby shop.  You could build a great community, it might be small, but it would be active I think.  Maybe it would get big!

In the end it's up to you if you want to take the risk to buy a niche and put your content here.  It starts at $75 and that does make one pause a bit to really want to think before diving in.



Thanks for the response - I think the issue here is that "wargaming" could easily have dozens of sub niches and sub sub niches. Periods. Rulesets. Uniforms. Painting Guides. Markets. Manufacturers. The subject therefore doesn't easily fit Narrative's structure (or the other way round) although you could bang away at the square peg if you cared enough.

$75 for one niche is enough of a barrier for me - I'd be putting in a ton of time to make it work and I'm not much into doing it for the income as this is never likely to pay the rent. I do love the idea of content generators being recognized for sharing their knowledge. 

I guess the fact that this series of questions (which were arbitrarily marked as a "conversation" by I presume a moderator) took more than 2 weeks to get one reply answers my question about how Narrative is doing! 


Yes, you're right there could be a lot of sub-niches.  I've been here about two months actively at least.  I understand your questions and concerns.  I do think people like us, who are maybe more aware than many about taxonomy, categorization, rule-sets, and things like that, are curious how it works on Narrative.  I would say it seems, at least right now, a big factor in the success of the niche seems to matter if the niche owner is present and actively promoting it by way of commenting and supporting the writers.  When writers know a niche owner is there, they almost always send their writing to that niche (even if not really fitting well, or appropriate).  That's how it's going right now, but who knows in the future.  Game on!

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