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I'm thinking about suggesting a niche in a subject about which I'm passionate but there are dozens of sub-categories in the subject. I am very interested in some but not all of the sub-categories.

The subject is wargaming. Sub categories could be miniature wargaming, board wargaming. Sub sub cateogories could be by period (ancient, WW 2, napoleonic etc) or genre (sci-fi, fantasy) or subject (terrain modeling, miniature painting).

Am I right in thinking that the content creator gets to categorize their content into niches (is there a limit to the number they can include) in which case someone creating content such as a painting guide for a particular uniform could categorize it into "miniature painting"and "napoleonic wargaming"? How does this work if the niches do not yet exist?

How do you find Narrative content is getting generated? Do people come here to get questions answered or is it more that the content generators are  blogging (for want of a better word) about things they are interested in?

How is Narrative doing? How do you figure out if enough people are engaged with the platform to decide how much time to spend building it?

With content on wargaming there are a few forum based websites where some experts give out great information. The websites, but not the experts, benefit. There is also Facebook - but this is terrible if you want to dig up archived content. Youtube is good if it is specifically a video you are looking for.

What do people who have dived into Narrative think?



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