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For me this happens sporadically and when it happens I know that only a handful of people will take the time to click the link, plus I have to write more to entice them to do that. It is a problem, not my top problem, but in the list of challenges - especially since many writers I am trying to convince to join, are already writing blogs and know the value of SEO and good graphics. 

Oh, okay. I had already deleted the mentioned share, sorry.

Well, it seems that I stumbled on an unlucky series of temporary problems. It now renders perfectly (see below). Still, very strange. You can bet that I experienced the problem (as you can see from the screenshot of the published sharing of this morning), and often.

I'll keep monitored and let you know if it happens again.


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It happens from time to time if there are some network issues with them or with us that causes them to not get the preview within some predetermined number of seconds (how many, I don't know).  

We have a process where we whitelist all of their bots to try to help the situation, and it has seemed to help a lot. Sometimes they add or remove bots, or update the user agent string and we update the whitelist accordingly. I was thinking that if the preview issue was consistent we could look and see if something had changed with Facebook's bot.  Guess it was only temporary however.

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