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We can currently miss all of the comments to our posts, if users don't pay attention to mention us. I get a notification if they mention me in a comment, but only in that case. That's inconsistent and a missed opportunity of engagement.

The "someone commented" (my post or niche submission) feature is more than a suggestion, considering that every other platform has those notifications and that there's no other way to systematically check those comments.

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Noting that this is a possible dupe of https://community.narrative.or...ions-on-the-platform

Well, I'm reporting something different. @Gosia Rokicka suggests a notification button on the website, in the suggestion you mention, while I ask to be notified (optionally even by email) when someone comments on my posts or niche submissions.

good point.   Updated. 

News on this? This is still an annoying issue. Many members still don't get, or remember, that they have to mention in the comments, or their comment can go lost in the eyes of the author. Or it's easy to miswrite.

Yes, we are aware that notifications in general need improvement. It's on our road map.  Remember, we are still in Beta!  Thanks for your suggestion.

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