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I think someone suggested something like that somewhere but I can't find it... Can we please have a notification button on the platform (like the bell on FB and Medium) where we can see who commented/liked/followed etc?

At present we get notified via email but I'd like to turn this off - there are already way too many emails coming in from all directions!

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I agree that we should have some central notification page/tab/icon that we can control. Ideally it should be controllable for every activity. From receiving no notifications at all, to just tags, comments, and/or likes. And not be like Facebook where it throws intrusive friend-activity notifications in your face that are nearly impossible to turn off without opting out of every notification type.

Also, I too can confirm that I have all Email notifications suspended on Narrative but I do get emails for followers (or at least that happened 2 days ago when some people started following me, perhaps it's been fixed since then).

Agreed. The system should provide a screen where we can see a summary of comments, votes, etc. for posts that we've created or participated in. At the moment we're only receiving emails about mentions in comments, and so we're often missing out on conversations.

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