NRVEWorthy Promotion for Your Niche?

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We've been running regular #NRVEWorthy posts to highlight the kind of great writing that belongs in the Narrative  #contentrevolution  


Imagine memorable titles such as NRVEWorthy or DYI Trying and NRVEWorthy laughs at your job in your content stream! Check all of them out here.  We tagged all those authors on Twitter too. The response to all of them was good.

Do you want your Niche promoted?

Just email us at [email protected].  A ticket is automatically created in the system (no need to register). List your Niche and a few details about what you dream of seeing there.

I'll ask you for some suggestions about who is writing the "good stuff."  These could be bloggers, for example. Or people from Medium, Quora, Reddit or Steemit. 

We figure you know what wins for the  Niche -- or you wouldn't have bought it!

We'll gather up their Twitter handles and a few links to content.  When ready we'll post it and promote it through social media.

Your Niche gets the spotlight it deserves.

Other Routes to Niche Nirvana

You can request a NRVEWorthy promotion even for a Niche you don't own! 

The only requirement is knowledge of the Niche subject.  Same rules. Email us at [email protected]. Recommend 5 or so writers who know their stuff and we'll go from there.

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This is really a gamechanging idea, thank you so much, @michaelf !

I only fear that not every niche owner got the good news. Is there a way to inform all of them by e-mail? And new niche buyers right at the beginning? Otherwise this important possibility might be lost which would be a shame. Thank you!

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