Poetics Niche (Please Don't Let It Die)

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Poetics is the study of poetry-writing techniques. The Poetics Niche suggestion currently moving through the approval process is currently negative on approval support for one little typo in the description, which doesn't change the value of the niche one iota. The niche description reads thusly:

A place to discuss poetics and poetry writing techniques. No poems aloud.

There are only five reasons a niche should be rejected. They are:
  • The Niche is redundant and duplicates an existing Niche.
  • The Niche contains profanity
  • This Niche violates the Terms of Service
  • The Niche has a misspelling in the name
  • The Niche name/description is unclear/incorrect.


The Poetics niche suggestion doesn't fall into any of those categories. The contention is over the misspelling of the word "allowed," but, as one commentator pointed out, that could also be construed to fit within the Narrative guidelines. To wit:

I am going to vote for this, because the "aloud" could be construed as a poetic device, that no spoken word --no videos of poetry read out loud; only written poems. Of course if activated, it does run the risk of being redundant to poems, if people only post their poems, rather than discussing poetic techniques. Anyway that may not have been the intention, but it does stand up straight enough, in my eyes.

Such a brilliant observation.

Folks, there is no other name for this. Poetics is, by definition, the philosophy of writing poetry, or the study of poetry-writing techniques. If this niche is not approved, no one can ever have that name again. That would be an awful shame. Some people who voted against initially have changed their votes to be in favor. If you voted against, please change your vote. If you haven't voted, please vote in favor. This is a niche that ought to be. More importantly, if someone wants to suggest this niche in the future, they'll have to settle for a less-than-perfect name over a small technicality. 

Folks, the intent of this niche is quite clear. Please vote in favor of approving it. 


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I think you raise some good points. I have changed my vote. I know poetry is a big category on other platforms and it would be nice to have a topic more about the poetic techniques for this community.

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