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As Ted mentioned yesterday, we are getting close to the Beta and so we are cleaning a few things up. If you all see any potential Niche duplicates, please feel free to point them out here (both names please) in this thread so people can review them.  We are doing this internally at Narrative but extra eyes are good.  

Please only post potential duplicate Niches and not ones you just don't like or have issues with….you can post those in other conversations.  Just trying to stay focused in this thread.   Thanks!

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I will never agree that 'Online Reviews' isn't nearly identical to 'Honest Reviews'. Everything happening on this platform is, by default, online and therefore not a worthy qualifier.

I have a personal stake in this as the one who submitted the (objectively?) superior description because it contains an accurate definition of microfiction:



The latter excludes stories that contain fewer than 140 characters for no apparent reason. It could also be considered a misspelling, because microfiction is almost exclusively spelled as one word.


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