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Rosemary posted:

Hi everyone, amid the Beta launch, we also shared Narrative over on Product Hunt:

It would mean a lot if you could go and vote and/or post a review. Lots of influencers use PH as a way to discover cool new apps.

Thank you!

It's good to see that we started promoting Narrative. I hope we see it on other social media soon where millions of other followers are waiting for it. 

blueeyes8960 posted:

I went there and voted for Narrative.  I like the video that was used.  Is it available for the general members to use to promote Narrative?

Thanks! Yes, absolutely you can use any of our videos for promotion.

This is the general video:

This is the Niche oriented video:

We are also active on all social networks, and always appreciate follows/likes/retweets/etc. wherever you participate:

Thank you @rosemary!  I'm currently on STEEM and I've already written a couple of posts about Narrative, and I also have a blurb about it on every one of my posts to join me on Narrative.  Now I will do more, using the videos!

I been with product hunt for a long while love their platform to keep members informed what’s hot, what’s new in tech etc. Its my go to when looking for new products in different categories that relate to me. Sometimes I see things I won’t even looking for but useful. Great to see Narrative up there I’m bout to go upvote it.

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