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I have received articles from non-narrative members for publication to Licorice Pizza, I intend to use the subtitle to give them a byline. Is there any problem with doing this, before we get going?



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Hmm..good question.  Is there a reason why they don't just join? Is it simply they want to just write it and give it to you/Licorice Pizza fully understanding that they won't own it once it is published in the Licorice pizza. The only issue I see is that if for some reason Licorice Pizza decides to remove the piece later, it would revert to your ownership as the person "creating the content" in Narrative.  I think using the byline would definitely help.

The writers in question do not wish to join Narrative,  but to submit an article or two once in awhile (like for any other publication) in order to get the byline for their writing resume.  When a writer submits to a publication (not on Narrative) it is usually with the understanding about simultaneous submissions versus exclusive submissions, and this would, of course, be exclusive unless Licorice Pizza gives permission to submit or republish elsewhere.

Perhaps there should be a mechanism for publications to allow submissions from outside writers, and for outside writers to submit to publications through the mechanism. This would work great for literary publications, for instance.

Through that mechanism, the writer could stipulate a byline and a bio, and perhaps include a headshot. All of that could be added to the published piece with a note saying the person is not a member of Narrative. In that case, all of the rewards for the article could go to the publication. If the publication owner/editors so wish, they could work out payment arrangement with the authors outside of Narrative, which could include payment in NRVE if those writers are open to it.

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