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Product: Narrative

From NEO News Today:  "Narrative has exclusively revealed to NEO News Today that it is planning on launching its new “Publications” feature in Summer 2019. Publications can be described as branded channels for organizations or publishers that need to have tight editorial control of their content". 

Here is the full announcement and details.

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This is a good news. However, content publishers usually check the ranking of such sites in Google, the number of visits per day to the sites, the common niches to draws traffic and the cost of publishing before deciding. Since, Narrative is coming up, this will be a good platform for them to strive.

Finnian posted:

Thanks! I call those of us in the fight for individual liberty Liberty Professionals.  The goal for the business is to expand it into a full rights enforcement and security agency.

Wow, it will be a great fit once it is attained since freedom of humanity is on its highs in this present age.

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