Reduce Voting Weight of Certification to 10% as per whitepaper

Service: Narrative

This proposal is to reduce the current impact of certification to 10 from 30.

The highest rep achievable without certification is 39, and the voting weight that goes with it is 0.04.

That means 5 members with the highest possible rep would outweigh 15 members with the highest possible rep without certification.

Per @deniswallez

With $15 and a positive conduct, you already have a reputation of 40 (hence above my 33), and therefore more voting power than me, even if you never took the time to engage in the relevant conversations, or to seriously reflect prior voting!

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Hello, @freedom. I had a similar concern when my cred/rep is only 43 and a colleague who just joined with absolutely NOTHING is 40. I still don't understand how that can be although it was explained. When you're part of the alpha, it seems like the score should be a tad higher for early adopters. And, heck, why do we care about scores anyway? (Because humans are competitive; I can't help myself!)

@freedom I see your point and concern. You make a good argument. However recent events on the platform have shown so early how lack of certification is encouraging people to create multiple accounts for harassment and gaming the system to their favor, or just to sabotage other genuine efforts.

This makes me reluctant to weighing down on certification. Something also to consider.

I don't know @Bashar Abdullah, I've been very active on Medium for two years. They don't require certification, still multiaccounts are rare. Your fake profile would be thin, soon spotted and with low weight. It's true that they also have a reporting system, that it's not there now, and this matter, but I don't see it much used.

Yes its a great point of arguments. I think administration have noted that and they have some point like fake accounts and multiple accounts and authentic narrrator or some other issues but its better if credit points for Certification  reduced by some percentage ..

Let's it thrown to on the foot of narrative administration. 

Thanks.for throwing the issue. 

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