Remove Vote and Editing Notification on Post/Comment

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Remove Voting on Post or Comment

Sometimes accidentally we might vote on any post or comment which we don't want to. Now current voting system is irreversible, so either we have to leave it as it is or someone might prefer to down vote it later on. (depends on whatever they want to prefer) 

How about to have a remove vote option by clicking on it again? For both, upvote and down vote on post/comment. 

Editing Notification on Post or Comment

After 1st trial, we might need to edit our posts or comments later on to add more into it or to correct some spell errors. But those who already voted on that post/comment don't get any notification for it afterwards. Even if it gets a major edits on it. 

How about to show a small label of "edited" (like in discord) or a pen symbol (like in telegram) on posts/comments? And send alerts to those who voted on it? So they can decide to keep their vote on it, change it to remove it if it gets a major edit and they don't want to keep their vote ideal on it anymore.

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I can see why you suggested this!  This has happened to me a couple of times, where I changed my mind and wanted to withdraw my upvote, and just leave it as no vote. 

I think the difficulty with this may lie in how rewards are computed.

If you withdraw your vote after the rewards have been paid out, does the writer then owe the platform a small amount of money to be deducted from the next earnings?  Could get messy...


@Blogger Krunal, I agree on the possibility of removing votes. But @Malkazoid is right about rewards. In my opinion, after rewards have been calculated, the removing of the vote could anyway be useful. Of course, not for changing rewards, but for influencing quality metrics (of the post and of the author) and visibility.

The edit notification can be tricky. A single word may be enough to change the meaning, so should fire the notification anyway, as it happens in the community. But it could easily submerge you of notifications, because of the many posts you voted, becoming the same of not being notified. Still, an option for those notifications would be welcome. And would certainly be even more welcome if allowed for the single posts. I might not be interested in the edit of a post on flowers, but much more interested in the edit of a Narrative announcement.

The removing your vote suggestion was implemented with today's release.
Click here for more information.

In the future please limit suggestion posts to one suggestion per post.  It makes it hard to mark this one as implemented or to track suggestions when there are multiple requests in one post.  Please break them up and feel free to post as many as you need.

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