Reputation Score Bug Identified (and Fixed Soon)

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Hi everyone-

You may have thought it strange that no one seems to have a reputation score greater than 69 currently.  Well, we wondered why too, and identified a bug in our code that was suppressing scores.   This bug affects everyone, but because it only has to do with one part of the reputation formula, some are impacted more than others.

So, that is the bad news.

The good news is that we have already fixed the issue (in our development environment) and plan to roll it out to everyone when we do our next update (within a week).

Most people should see a reputation boost of some sort once this fix is deployed. 

Here's to higher rep scores soon!

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Hello @Ted

I raised this issue with @David Dreezer few days ago because I was observing for days that all users' reputation scores were freezed and not moving forward.

Now I'm happy to see that team is working on it to fix it soon. Once it's fixed, I hope everyone's actions/efforts (plus or minus) through out this period will properly get judged and reflect in their updated scores. 

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