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I am having a difficult time understanding what moves your reputation score.  My score has not moved since the day the readjustments were done, though I have posted, commented, voted, and followed many times since then.  I don't mean to pick on anyone, but I would like to use this profile as an example of my confusion.  @icomecrypto has a current score of 50.  He has not certified so his score is made up of 100 on conduct analysis and 66 on quality analysis.  What baffles me is this person has ZERO activity, ZERO posts, owns no niche, follows 4 people, and has 5 followers (1 of which is me).  How does this equate to a 66 in quality?  The activity on a profile just shows posts, not comments. so maybe this person has made hundreds of well voted comments, but I have not run across any of them.   Would that do it?  Is there somewhere that explains how votes are rated for comments and posts?  


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I'm sorry, but we are not commenting on or releasing the formulas for reputation at this time.  We're in beta, the reputation system has had refinements and could possibly see more. And really it won't help if people are reading the formulas and then taking actions which would then skew the results. 

It is entirely possible that your reputation hasn't moved. Reputation is meant to be a slow progression and shouldn't jump up and down frequently.  Just keep doing what you're doing, and your reputation will do as it should.

While I am wondering why mine hasn't moved, and that's fine I guess, but that's still no indication of how someone who has done nothing gets a quality score of 66.  But thanks for replying.  I can understand not releasing the formula, but at a very basic level you'd like to think it makes sense, however it is administered.  Thanks for the reply.

I  am going to close this Question.  @blueeyes8960 Thanks for being here and contributing on the  Narrative platform.  Not sure you have seen our  spec - thought that you might find interesting if you hadn't seen it yet. 

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