Sharing a post from a niche I own wants to put the blurb of a different niche in the FB preview!

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I just tried to share a great post from the Spirituality niche.  I own the niche and wanted attract folks to both the post, and the niche.

But the FB preview only allows as a blurb, the description of the first niche the person tagged the content to, which it turns out was not mine.

This seems like a shortcoming because niche owners are wanting to promote their niches more than the niches of other people - of course.

Ideally one would be able to flick between up to three options for the preview, each using the blurb from one of the niches the post is tagged to.

The most natural and uncontrived way to promote our niches is in this manner, sharing great content that has been posted to them.  This issue impairs that ability somewhat...

Of course we all benefit from people discovering Narrative, but I fear we might deter some people in their promotional efforts if 2 times out of 3 that they share a piece, they see the blurb of someone else's niche instead of theirs.

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I have noticed that it defaults to alphabetical, as well. I think this is a problem. A person should be able to lead with the most appropriate niche, and not have it be listed alphabetical. And yes this sharing thing would be  a problem for me too.

Can you show me what you're looking at? Because when I share something from Narrative to my Facebook page I see no reference to niches at all.

This is the sharing screen:

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 11.03.57 AM

And then the post as soon on my FB page after posting it.  No Niches.

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 11.03.23 AM

And for posts that have no image, just text only, we use the default Narrative image, but still no Niche reference.

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 11.07.10 AM

Can you help me out and show me what you're seeing?


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Thanks for taking a look at this.  I will see if I can reproduce this and take a screen grab.  I was sharing a beautiful post to the Spirituality niche.  Lets see if it is still exhibiting the same behavior if I try to share it again...

Here you go:

And the description of the Meaningful Life niche:

My niche is the Spirituality niche - if we have to see a niche description there, I'd like to see my niche description when I'm doing the sharing...

We've found it.  It seems to be that if you use a subtitle, then Facebook picks that up and uses it as a description. If not, then Facebook uses whatever arcane ruleset that their scraper has been programmed with.

There are improvements that we can make to help with that and we will look into adding them.

There will still be cases where there just is no description that has been provided by the author for us to in turn provide to Facebook. In those cases they will use what they do by whatever rules they use.  There's just not going to be a way to provide a selector for what Facebook decides to show in that case.


Is there a way to inject the description of the sharer's niche that the content was tagged to, in the metadata that gets presented to Facebook during the sharing process, in such a way that FB views it as something to include in share, if there is no subtitle?

I'm ignorant as to how this works!  In any event, good luck!

In fact, I think I might have the solution...

I think FB grabbed the description for the Meaningful Life niche because that niche is listed first on the page.

So the fix would simply be to serve the page to FB with the niches listed with the sharer's niche first?

@Malkazoid, that's not realistic, unfortunately. Facebook has its own crawler that fetches the metadata for a page. The metadata will be the same for everyone, so the only way to do this kind of thing would be to change the URL of the post somehow. I don't really see that happening.

I think this will all become moot once we add a fallback mechanism for posts that don't have a subtitle; we will probably use an extract of the post in that case instead.

Understood @Brian Lenz - and yes, with a fallback plan, it does become moot!

I wonder if it makes sense to let the content creator define a certain phrase with a character limit, that would represent the share on other social media sites?  I know I would take the time to do that.  It is hugely influential as to whether people click the link to get to the post, and thus to Narrative.  And the content creator would almost always do a better job of defining the appealing phrase than extract defined via code?

@Malkazoid, they already do: the subtitle. If you put in a subtitle for your post, it gets used in social share descriptions The only issue with the Canopy post you mentioned is that it is lacking a subtitle.

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