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Hi @Colleen Ryer, this is the first we’ve heard. Do you have any specifics you can share? Screenshots, error messages, specific URLs? The more details you can provide about the nature of the problem, the better!


Hmmm, we are seeing no such issues on our end (and there's no evidence of any widespread issues according to monitoring and logs). If it's happening consistently and regularly for you, it makes me think it might be localized to you in some way. What kind of internet connection are you on? Are you experiencing issues on any other sites? Have you heard of anyone else report anything similar?

I haven't heard any complaints from any one else - so if no one else is seeing it, it;s my end. Just peculiar when it's only one site acting up -  if it's my cell signal, then it affects every site I try to use. Tonight it's just the Narrative site - really random. Community site has been just fine.

We'll definitely keep an eye and ear out for any other complaints/reports, as we'll as continuing to monitor things closely.

The Network Error you reported is typically due to some kind of connection issue (disconnect, timeout, etc.), which is often exacerbated by a slow or high latency connection.

Thanks for the details and report!

Quick update here: we have noticed some anomalous behavior overnight that may have been affecting service. We believe we've mitigated the problem, so service should be completely stable now. It's possible this might have been what was affecting you last night, though I don't have any way to verify that...

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