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There are two people bombarding two of my niches with low quality posts.  including the front page of Narrative.  Can these people be banned or suspended for a time to avoid  Narrative looking utterly ridiculous to potential new members?

The posts are titled "Nice Picture" for there most part but will add a few more words.

Thank you in advance.

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The only thing we can do as users at the moment is downvote them as low quality. But it’s nearly impossible to keep up with 5 to 6 high-rep downvotes required for each of these posts to give them the Low Quality stamp.  Downvotes made by moderators (currently niche owners like yourself) do have a higher impact. I think using that voting power might be more effective than straight up removing the post from your niche as that would require the other 2 niche owners to do the same.

They all appear to be self-taken mobile pictures so they don’t violate the AUP. And if their rep gets low enough by downvotes they can just create a new account. On the other hand however, the AUP explicitly says that spam is forbidden. But who decides what is spam and what isn’t? That varies from person to person.

I hope that elected moderators combined with better spam prevention will eventually make this process easier.

@Karen Huggins@Slaz is correct.  For now, if you are the niche owner and the posts do not relate to the Niche, they should be removed.  Here is a link on how to do this>.

If you are not the Niche owner and you feel that the post is of poor quality,  then downvote and mark as low quality.  Narrative does not ban members unilaterally.

We are currently looking at how the systems is performing throughout and may make changes to impede the behavior you are noting.  

Thanks for your patience.   

Finnian posted:

This begs the question: If the niche owner down votes and then removes them, does the poster still get a reputation hit?  I've been removing the posts, not down voting them.  Maybe I should be down voting them first, and then removing them?

I’d also like to know this. Specifically, if I were to downvote a post as a moderator (niche owner) and then remove that post from the niche, does that leave the vote intact with increased moderator weight or will it weight down to a ‘regular’ downvote?

@Former Member and @Slaz.  The rating does not change once the owner downvotes and then later removes the post from their Niche.  So, yes, the vote is intact once the rating has occurred by the owner/moderator.  

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