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Currently, a new account is flooding the feed with short posts. This is especially a problem with discovery->recent.

Downvoting for low quality can't stop this, and I'm not sure that downvoting for AUP violation applies in case of the single post.

Maybe we need some protection to prevent spamming, or a report on the member.

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Short posts, unless they violate the AUP should not be down voted as AUP violations.  If you feel they are of low quality - they should be down voted as Low Quality and not AUP.  

Remember this post that describes how Low Quality posts will also not receive any SEO and it effects their rewards.  People will soon see that quantity of posts is not a determinator for rewards.  We do have some new people trying to contribute in their own way, but let's try and use the system and controls in hand to deal with it. 

@MOLLY O, maybe a misunderstanding is there. I know, that it's not AUP violation ("I'm not sure that downvoting for AUP violation applies in case of the single post") - even if AUP mentions no spam - but I also fear that downvoting for low quality may not stop spam. It can certainly reduce it in the long run, but when someone decides to post 20 articles in one day, all other articles are soon buried. AFTERWARD, you can downvote, but in the meanwhile, the feed is flooded. It can always happen that a new member tries to spam. I'm just wondering if some kind of protection could be of help here, like a limit per hour or day, or a spam reporting on the account.

Yes, I also totally agree with @MOLLY O. Narrative should limit the number of post as four to five per day per users. Otherwise, the platform flooded with many spamming contents created by all those spammers and spammers looted the reward pool.


Yes @MOLLY O I also reported that user's posts as AUP violation because the user is trolling (doesn't matter it's low quality content or something else) but he/she is spamming the feed and it should be counted as violation in my opinion.

I have put that user's activity report here. If you would like to see it. 


The AUP states no spam. If any posts, no matter how short or how long, or of what quality, are constantly filling the feed, this is spamming the feed, in my opinion. 

The recent incident saw this happening, as well as the posts being very low quality. 

@MOLLY O , @Vico Biscotti @BloggerKrunal @MALAY BANERJEE

Being short isn't the issue. The posts contained either information that anyone could easily see just doing one google and reading the hits - no need to actually go to a site.

- and/or only contained brief, highly speculative claims, or asked silly questions. 

Since it was a new user, benefit of the doubt and "poor quality' vote is what I did, but had the spamming continued I might have escalated. These kinds of posts are very common elsewhere, and only have one purpose - to game the system with only as much effort needed to avoid getting kicked out. It works if the rules are slack enough.


Yes @Colleen Ryer the user is spamming and that's why I voted as AUP violation on those posts. May be the system is not counting it as violation but for low quality and that's why it might have made a dent on my rep score from 94 to 93 just after I reported all those posts. (I'm not 100% sure on this but I don't see any other reason either). 

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