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I'm not a crypto vet in the sense I do not know the nuts and bolts of staking, the programming behind it or anything.  But I was just thinking about what would help me personally want to hold my NRVE.

I really like NEO and am supportive of the NEO ecosystem.  Not this month, but the one before, I sold my NRVE for NEO and just held the NEO.  I think I later sold the NEO to buy NRVE to buy a niche.  

Anyway, I wouldn't mind staking NRVE for the Company to invest in NEO and share in that process.

Wondering what you guys would think of, we stake the NRVE and the Company can buy NEO with it.  The Company can then earn GAS on the NEO it holds, which would go toward development?  

It's like we could invest in NEO, using our NRVE.  I don't know how the financial aspects of things work, but we could be paid back periodically with some kind of interest on our investment (stake), or percentage of profits, but I don't know how it would go in the case of losses - maybe just don't get anything back (?). 

This is the kind of staking I like, where we earn something in return like interest or dividends for investing (holding).  It's a gamble in any case, but this is crypto, it's gambling.  Staking isn't mandatory, either.

I'm really not supporting ideas about restricting actions on the platform being tied to staking.  So if someone has other ideas about how investing works, as relates to staking, that would be cool.

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