Sudden disappearing of top posts from the discover panel

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This morning, one of my posts was at the top of the discover panel. Just a few minutes later it was completely out, replaced by pieces with only a fraction of that engagement.

I get that this panel is intended for discovering, and that the age of the post can have a weight, but a sudden disappearing, from top to out, seems just wrong, since the article which was on the top was recent and still trending.


A few minutes after:


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@Vico Biscotti, this is normal  It's very possible that a post disappears from the discover list for a variety of reasons. The list is cached and is updated periodically, so you probably viewed it before and after it was updated. Any post older than 2 days will never appear, so that may have been the difference in the case of your specific post.

I don't think there's anything unfair about it. The idea is to discover new content, so I think it's very reasonable to keep the list fresh and exclude older posts.

I agree with @Brian Lenz in that I don't see removing older posts from that feed as unfair, so that it stays true to its name of 'Discover'.

But for a future update, I do suggest the post age to be weighted against engagement levels, if it isn't already doing so. This could make it a mix of very popular posts that might be older than 2 days combined with newer posts that are given a chance to get engaged with.

Final note here: there's a lot more going on in the algorithm that pulls the Discover content, so there are a variety of factors that are in play. The system is currently working as designed, so I'm going to close this. If you have specific suggestions as to how you'd like to see the behavior changed (whether in the widget or the Discover page of the site in general), feel free to post those in a separate suggestion.


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