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Thank you, @Rosemary, for your reply to my comment/question on WeFunder. The increased communication we've seen from the Team lately is very encouraging. I don't have money available to invest, but I wanted to make a positive contribution by adding my 2 cents (or 3 cents... or 10 cents) on the investment campaign page. I know I've ruffled feathers in the past, but I hope you understand now that it's coming from a place of wanting to help the platform succeed!

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And @Rosemary, I hope you know that some of your harshest critics will also praise you when we see you getting it right. I certainly believe in encouragement, but I also believe in community. Your recent communications are being well received, and appreciated, by most of us.

Rosemary posted:

Thank YOU Christina, sometimes encouragement is worth its weight in gold

Yes, your recent interaction and outreach are steps in the right direction. I hope it is just the snowball on top of the hill.😀

I'm not an investor and haven't fully caught up on the WeFunder questioning page. But I like the direction Narrative is going, including the increase of outreach towards the community.

I understand that the sudden demand for answers on difficult questions on WeFunder must be both challenging and stressful at times. After all, potentially interested investors will likely read that page and judge to make their crucial decision. I think you all are doing a great job, objectively answering some very subjective questions, which can be a very demanding social skill. 

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