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When I originally typed up the name and description of my suggested Business of Blogging niche, it was simply "The Business of Blogging" and a slightly different description. But as I was going over my old blog posts I'm trying to repurpose - including lots of conference session liveblogs with advice for bloggers - I realized that bloggers HAVE to branch out onto other platforms now. I have. So I added "and Digital Content Creation" to the name and switched up some words in the description.

It ended up making it sound too much like the Content Entrepreneur niche I'd intended this niche to be a sub-niche of, and it's been voted down because of that.

Based on feedback from the comments, I'll be editing the name to just "The Business of Blogging" and adjusting the description to make it clear that it's meant specifically for bloggers...who also happen to have diversified their content to keep in touch with their blog communities where they are.

TL;DR: Please vote to approve my niche because I will edit it after purchase to limit the scope to bloggers.

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I keep going back and forth on this. I decide i will switch my vote, then I decide not to after I think about what you say you intend to post on the niche.

Here's the thing. I get that you want to have a business of blogging. I am for that, it makes sense that you want to have it as a sub set of the content entrepreneur. But then you state that you have content discussing  how bloggers need to branch our into other social media...well that content certainly fits onto The content Entrepreneur which is a more expansive view. Given that my niche obviously includes bloggers and social media content makers.

You have clearly stated that you have personal issues with me, and that you never plan to post on my niches, because you don't want to see me make money from your content. But that isn't a good enough reason to ignore that this content you are describing shouldn't ignore the existing content entrepreneur, and therefore award you with a niche that really does  need to have a more of narrowed scope to truely be a subset of my niche. 

At this point, I would need to actually see what your planned description is, once you purchase it, in order for me to change my vote.

But i am fully supportive of Allen's suggestion of "Social Content" which you also agreed in your niche comments, fit what your plans were for the niche.

Unfortunately you seem to be bouncing around a little bit on the intentions for the niche with each comment you post. And it is making it very difficult to change my vote, especially since it is my niche it is bumping up against.

I suggested the niche before we had our problems. I didn't even know that Content Entrepreneur was yours until after I submitted my suggestion and its first comment. 

@Garden Gnome Publications made the suggestion that he would vote for it if it was simply "The Business of Blogging." I intended to change the description to reflect the social content aspect. 

It was always my intent for this niche to serve the blogging community specifically, since some of our biggest communities have been bought out and ruined by their new owners. Blogging is home base for us, but our social content is now a necessary part of the blogging gig. I used "digital content creators" in the iteration of the niche name you see now because it was brought up at the last blogging conference I attended as a term that is less dismissive of what we do as bloggers. Bloggers have a bad name because of the bad apples in the bunch.

Blogging is a sub-niche of content entrepreneurship. I have content about freelance writing that will not belong in the Business of Blogging niche, because it's not writing for myself and my blog's brand, but because someone else hired me to do it.

I get how the business of blogging is a subset. it is the branching out part that makes it more of a expanded topic. I am not trying to thwart your personally. 

Can you post here what you intend to change it to when you purchase and submit to the tribunal for approval. 

You are asking me, and everyone else to vote for it on what you intend to do. If you write your exact changes, it gives me a lot more accuracy to decide on, and a backstop to appeal to the tribunal if you leave it unchanged.


To whom it may concern:

Here is what I intend to edit the title and description to:

The Business of Blogging

FOR BLOGGERS: Discuss issues that affect us as bloggers & our additional roles creating social content on other platforms for our existing communities. This is our virtual blogging conference space! This is NOT a place for blog posts on other subjects.

Assuming I didn't go over the character limit, that's what I came up with just now for the new description. I'm unhappy with the "Discuss..." sentence right now, but I just got home from a networking event, and my brain is fried because I'm an introvert. I got "social content" in there because I liked Allen's suggestion. If I did go over the character limit, "FOR BLOGGERS" and the last two sentences will remain the same, and I'll figure out how to save characters in the remaining sentence.

I changed my vote, but I do agree that there is some slight overlap between the 2 said niches.

It'll be really, really handy to have a niche map sometime soon. As sub-niches overlapping with their parent topic will be more common as more niches are being suggested. Not that it's necessarily a bad thing since content can be tagged to up to 3 niches, but still, if differences are unclear to us they'll certainly be unclear to the average visitor.

I think these changes make it enough of a difference to distinguish it from Content Entrepreneur, but as I read what you're writing, I'm not sure you need the social content aspect of it in your description. I'm still voting for it, but if your intent is to discuss the business of blogging, there's a lot more to that than content strategy. For instance, I can see people on the following topics:

  • How to be a good affiliate
  • Finding suitable images for your blog posts
  • XX Ways formatting makes bloggers more money
  • Email list management services for serious bloggers
  • XX steps to making your first $100 as a blogger
  • How to narrow your niche blog's topic with profit in mind
  • Should you spend money on advertising to promote your blog?
  • XX monetization strategies for niche bloggers
  • Is WordPress necessary any more
  • XX WordPress plugins to help you do XX


Anything you read on CopyBlogger, in my mind, is something you could potentially read in a niche like this. It goes beyond the nuances of content marketing, although content strategy is very important to building a successful blog business.

I hope I'm understanding your intent correctly. I think you have two potential niches here:

  1. The business of blogging - It really is a business if you intend to make money at it, and a blog-as-a-business model is a specific type of business that deserves its own niche.
  2. Social content - All about the various types of social content (blogging, social media, online communities, videos, podcasts, etc.) and the means of producing it.


I don't really see anything wrong with combining these two into one niche, but I could see them both their own separate niches. In fact, as you describe this niche, it's clear that blogging and social content are intrinsically connected. But this is something to think about from an investment perspective. If you have the time and means to manage both niches, these could both potentially be lucrative niches as there is a lot to say about each of them in their own right.

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