The need for other modes of verification

Service: Narrative

Presently, Narrative requires a user pays $15 for the verification process to commence so that such a member can be certified. The only mode of achieving this is payment with PayPal.

However, PayPal payments had been used by most people here to get certified but there are people in locations where PayPal payments are not supported who intends to join the community. Such members of Narrative will lose the ability to get certified and also lose the opportunity of receiving the 30% reputation reward for certified members. This calls for attention.

Also, the cost of verification might as well be on the high side which means that some members might not be able to afford it presently. Certification is good since it increases trust in the community and also can easily ascertain individuals that can access posts deemed as 18+.

What is the solution?

Presently, no Narrator has received payment for their contributions to the growth of the community though rewards had been sent out for the first two months of the Beta stage. Since Narrative is sure that this points will be redeemed for NRVE, users who have earned above the $15 required for verification can be given the option to pay with NRVE for them to be certified.

Also, this era of blockchain decentralization has been things easier. There are companies like ICONLOOP that has applications for such verifications with ease. This could be an option.

Also, there are popular social platforms like Facebook and Professional sites like LinkedIn. Uncertified users can have the option of using them to authenticate their actions.

In addition, user phone numbers can be verified also to ensure that all users can be verified and contacted directly when offline since some do not access their email always or receive a lot of mails and might not read through for such notifications from Narrative.

Furthermore, a user can get verified through a verified member that can stand in for them or their referrers. This makes the platform easier and equal to all.

New users can be permitted to submit a life picture with a sign of Narrative on it or their ID on it. Selected members of the platform can be assigned to verify the pictures through arrangement of Google meeting or hangout. They are rewarded for doing this.

I believe that this will offer users the ability to gain certified though users that paid to get certified out to make this as a sacrifice for the growth of the community.

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