The need to have a stable date for payment

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The content market is worth hundreds of billions and soon digital contents will take over the world. I believe that Narrative is losing out of this potential presently due to an unstable payment schedule for Narrators.

We can observe that there is low level of commitment by both Narrators and Niche owners when compared to the traffic that was generated after the announcement of the April-May payment in June.

I am advocating for a stable payment date when rewards will be sent out though read from the FAQ that they are checking the reward formula to ascertain its correctness before redemption will be enabled. This is okay but the gap between the day the payment was released and June end would have settled it.

I belief that Narrative will be a hot place that all content creators would be happy to deal with.

Now is July as was announced but a date is needed though many are patient about it but the community is losing due to the traffic that contents would have attracted to the site.

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As we mature, we will have a stable date. I think we are doing pretty good with things early on! As announced, Rewards are coming July 9 (for June activity).  

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