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Now it's time to start making decisions. According to my research, some narrators want to invest the rewards NRVE in the acquisition of niches. I know we cannot yet withdraw the NRVE from our Narrative accounts, just in July. So I would like to suggest, if possible, that the Team might consider developing a way for narrators to buy niches with the rewards, directly on the platform. 

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I was just thinking that a lot of us who don't already have 10 niches (like me) might want to use their NRVE rewards to buy more. Right now we're all sitting here alternating between adding new content and twiddling our thumbs while waiting for withdrawals to go live.

We've thought about supporting that, but there are certain legal/tax implications that potentially make it problematic.  Doesn't mean we won't support that one day, just that we need greater clarity on the legal/tax/reporting implications.

That said, soon we will be supporting redemptions and many people will have more NRVE to store on their own wallets that they can use for purchasing niches.

I don't relish having to go through all those steps of redeeming it, storing it and then sending it back to you in order buy a Niche. It is in the platform already, I agree it is like a utility (or like a store credit - ex: on Amazon with a gift card balance stored, it would use that first before funding from other sources). Anyway, that's my 2 cents worth (and whatever that translates to in NRVE plus trans fee).  :-)

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