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I tried to create a post today, on my phone. I first wrote the text, and clicked on the photo icon on the little black toolbar, and uploaded a photo, and my text disappeared. I captioned the photo, thinking that my text was lurking somewhere else, and then uploaded another photo, and the first photo disappeared. I captioned the second photo, thinking maybe the first photo was lurking wherever the text was . . . I chose my niches, and was then given the option to publish. I did not choose that, because I wanted to see my post in its entirety, but I can't find any of it except the last picture I uploaded. Where did my text go? I would appreciate any help with this. Thanks in advance!

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Well, I still don't understand where all my text went, but it is now allowing me to put more than one thing on the post, so I guess I don't have a problem anymore. Now to write my text all over again . .  . 

Sol Cycler posted:

The key is to have the cursor where you want the photo before uploading and that nothing is highlighted when doing so. 

Thanks! I sure didn't notice that the stuff was highlighted, but I guess that must have been it.  . . 

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