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One person is going out of there way to downvote me every day and it is a high enough rep person. I know it's one because I'm 100% before this one person does it. And these posts are good ideas and well written.

Anyways I'm outta here for a week or more. Just want to post another example of a downvote system that needs a change. 

And this isn't about my rewards or me being sensitive, it isn't even about me. Its about unnecessary frustrations that content creators do not want.

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No it is one person. I am 100% sure. My vote goes from 100% at 5 votes, one person votes me down and it goes to like 50-60 at 6 votes. Happened multiple times. 

It's not entitlement, I'm okay with people not agreeing with the idea. But you can't say it is low quality. 

It's not personal im just pointing out as a content creator I do not like my experience here and ive seen other content creators complain as well. You will push them away. 

  @Nrve glad you put this in as an issue. Your posts get a lot of downvotes that similar posts don't and it shouldn't be permitted. It has happened to others too, but your posts are clearly targeted.

A way to monitor downvoting and a penalty for people who are abusing the down vote is needed, otherwise I'm voting again right here for your earlier post to change the way we vote.  https://community.narrative.or...-can-be-downvoted-on

Sol_Cycler posted:

Good idea's? According to you, but not everyone and not all the comments on at least on of the post referenced are positive.

For you to receive a 57% with 7 votes and multiple higher reps weighing in positively, it has to be more than one person downvoting you.

Have you had an escalated heated exchange with anyone or a specific group since this started?

Of course, any content can be considered 'low quality'. I mean, if one thinks your idea is harmful to the platform, simply disagreeing will not suffice for them. In this instance the 'low quality' option would be more fitting and Staff has actually lumped "content harmful to the platform" into the 'low quality' option in conversation in this forum and I agree.

Perspective means ppl will disagree with definitions and your activism against the downvote implies this is personal for you.

Your world view will never be reality. You need polar opposites to have the larger more encompassing grey area in between, which means the negative(which can be positive for the platform{it's all about perspective}) is as necessary as the positive.

If we want to retain quality creator's, this means we don't want to retain low quality creator's. So the goal is not to keep everybody. For this reason I don't see how your rationale relates to the reality that's being created here.

We need the downvote and it needs to be equal to the upvote. There are no entitlements, period.

@Former Member . @Nrve ' s post are similar in quality to other posts on the same kinds of subjects. These aren't getting poor quality DV's, so his shouldn't either. If someone disagrees with his viewpoint, there's the  "disagree with viewpoint" selection that should be used. It's not just once in a while- it's been pretty consistent for quite a while now.

In any community-run organization, platform, or culture, there are going to be inconsistencies. Maybe the person, or persons, downvoting @Nrve aren't seeing the other posts that he deems are of equal quality. Or maybe they just don't agree that the quality is equal. This is a subjective judgment, a privilege which we all enjoy. One man's quality post is another man's downvote. 

I like @Malkazoid's suggestion on another thread to include a text box where downvoters can leave a reason for their downvote, Make this anonymous but transparent. Then we can all see whether or not there are legitimate reasons for downvoting.

Can we please stop justifying toxic behavior as being subjective. It's an abuse. It has nothing to do with quality. Ive been targeted since rewards because the system encourages ppl to downvote for their benefit when someone is doing well.

Remember when we had that troll who insulted ppl and downvoted them. The active user rate declined steadily from there to half. It's starting to decline again by the numbers. If you care about the success of the site we need to deal with spam and the downvote. 


@Nrve, upvoting abuses are way more, and they steal rewards and visibility to all of us. We should certainly stop abuses in both ways but we also can realistically expect only part of them to be stopped. I had my share of trolling adventures. It's not fun, but we can't focus on a few downvotes. Many reasons can be there anyway, and also our best content may not appear of quality to someone. Who judges quality? Readers. We have to deal with that even when it's blatantly unfair.

Patterns can be detected. On this line, I agree. I hope this kind of protection will be there in the future. But in the meanwhile, a few downvotes cannot change your blogging business.

That's a healthy attitude but the problem is not everyone has that.

Yes upvotes are a problem but few people will leave bc of it.

Trolling on a site that already feels like work will cost us a lot of users. We need to stop making people feel like its their fault for not taking it well and make this a more enjoyable site that people want to post on. 

@Vico Biscotti @Nrve I think maybe the issue is that personal attacks can be disguised as down votes. This isn't just a subjective issue as you say Nrve and needs to be prevented. People will leave because of it - no one wants to be attacked this way, and they don't have to put up with it. If the platform allows its they vote with their feet - as I see it anyway.

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