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I am exploring Narrative to see how people are using it. I see that there are two very similar niches - RPG and Tabletop roleplaying games. 

My understanding is that a content creator decides which 3 niche labels to apply to their content - it looks like some, but not all, are applying both lablels to their RPG content.

How do people see this going? I am thinking about suggesting and bidding for a niche but it looks like it's quite easy to have competing/similar niches just pop up and possibly become the go-to place for that kind of content. I guess the market will decide?


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@Scooba  The community approved both of the niches. I am assuming it is because you can have Role Playing Games (RPG) that are not Tabletop Role Playing Games.  Personally, I see the Tabletop Role Playing games as a sub niche which is allowed. If you are writing about a table top role playing game, it seems very logical to tag to both niches.

Now, there are occasions where the community may have accidentally approved a niche that is a duplicate. If any member feels that there is a duplicate niche, they can appeal to reject it. All appeals go to the Tribunal to make a determination.  

Hope that helps.

Tabletop RPGs and RPGs are essentially the same thing!

I'm interested what happens with sub niches and sub sub niches as well as the structure of complex subjects. 

For example - I enjoy tabletop miniature wargaming using 25mm figures to replicate battles of the Napoleonic era. The top level subject might be Games. Next down Wargames. Next down miniature wargaming (in this case the word tabletop is likely redundant but there are tabletop wargames that do not use miniatures). Now is the net level scale (25mm) or era? I don't know - it could be either. There are lots of eras in which you can have 25mm figures and lots of scales that could apply to the napoleonic era.

If I wanted to use Narrative to aggregate and discuss original content on this subject it's a challenge to figure out which niches would be best suited to it and it's a concern that niches adjacent in the hierarchy or with similar sounding names could become the go to place. It's a bit like when you buy a domain name from somewhere like GoDaddy and they suggest dozens of other domains that you might need to purchase to have all of your bases covered.


I disagree with your statement that RPGs and table top RPGs are the same. RPGs encompass more than table top RPGs, computer RPGs being the largest example to come to mind.

Baldur's Gate is a very successful RPG that is a computer RPG. As is the entire Fallout series.  Skyrim. Diablo. 

But you're right, similar niches are possible.  That's why we give you up to 3 to post to as a content creator rather than limiting you to one.   In your example you could choose up to 3 from Games, Wargames, Table Games, Napoleanic Table Games.  If they exist. You can only post to Niches that exist.

As a Niche owner it would be up to you to bring awareness to your Niche and become the go to place.  Duplicate Niches are not accepted and can always be appealed in the case where one gets by, but monopolization of a particular vertical just isn't the way Narrative is built. Niches, sub Niches, and sub sub Niches are always in play.

Thanks for the response. Help me understand why someone would or would not want to tag RPGs if they were writing about a tabletop RPG.

Let's say they have something they want to share about a particular adventure in a game called Runequest. If the niches were available they might label it Runequest, Duck Pond (the name of the adventure) and table top RPGs.

Is the niche owner (who may or may not be hoping to derive income or at least defray the original cost of the niche) of RPGs just out of luck in this situation?

In a relationship where all x's are subcategory of y does it even help to label the post with the next category up? (ie why bother to label a "tabletop RPG" post as an "RPG" post since it is self evidently also about RPGs). 

I'm assuming the answer is that the market will decide.

On RPGs - I see your point, while noting that of the 8 posts labelled RPG, none are about computer RPGs and 5 are duel labelled with "tabletop role playing games". 

As a content creator why wouldn't you want to tag as many applicable Niches as you could to maximize the visibility of your content?

If I could tag "TableTop RPG, RPG, and Games" instead of simply TableTop RPG I would.  Especially if say, the RPG Niche owner were active and trying to promote his/her Niche and grow it but the TableTop RPG owner were not.  I'd benefit by that Niche's activity and visibility.

I'm guessing the main reason would be that you hit the limit of three labels and have to choose the ones you think are most relevant?

But it could also be that the headline category was too general. Thinking ahead to a time when there are thousands of posts an hour on Narrative - as a content consumer if I am super interested in 4X games I am going to check out the content on 4X games and the titles I am interested in. I'm less likely to check out "strategy games" (which will include non computer games) or "computer games" (which will all be about shooters anyway). 


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