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Hey everyone,

Here is an update on a few things. 

We rolled out a couple new features during some small bug fixing releases recently: 

  • Limits on Lower Reputation Users.   Members with lower reputation (under 50) are now limited to 10 posts and 30 comments a day.  We did this for several reasons - many of which are discussed in an on-going thread in the Community. This will force new users to learn more about the system before they repeat the same mistakes over and over (e.g., post not in English) and will help reduce spammers.  
  • Added the "i" icon on the top menu next to the search icon. This is a shortcut to the About page. The infinite scroll re-loading from the content streams was making it hard to click the bottom of the website to access the About page, so we added this shortcut. 

We are updating the FAQs with each major release. You will see a bunch more available for rewards that came with the last release. You will also notice that the old "How to Buy NRVE on LATOKEN" and "How to Buy NRVE with Switcheo" and "How to Buy NRVE on D-Coin" , have been rewritten. Instead we have a "How to Buy NRVE Overview" that links to new FAQs on the individual exchanges. We also have a separate FAQ on "How do I Get a Wallet". We anticipate having a need for this as we move towards redeeming NRVE in July.    

Finally, last week @Ted posted about what is coming next on the development front here.  He didn't mention it then, but watch for a blog about Publications in the next couple of days!  

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Garden Gnome Publications posted:

Awesome, Publications!

But are there stats about how many average posts new users are making? 10 seems like a lot.


Agreed - I would have thought the limit would have needed to be 5 or 6 to be even remotely effective?  For a newcomer, being able to post 10 times in one day still leaves a lot of room for 'repeat the same mistakes over and over'...

Keen to read the Publications update!

And @MOLLY O@Ted - thank you for communicating.  This helps immensely.

Just one other thing a lot of people are wondering about: are you working on a roadmap for the months ahead, and roughly when might that see the light of day?  If you were to communicate about that, I think it would go a very long way towards allowing people to settle down and stop floating around in a void of information about the direction things will take.

Agree with others that 10 posts for a new user still leave much room to a LOT of spam. I don't know productive authors of decent content who can publish 300 posts per month. There's reposting, okay, but 300 reposts per month are still a high limit for anyone, and a close relative of spamming...

I agree with Malkazoid.  We need a road map.  All other quality crypto projects have one.  It is hard to convince people to come here when there is no clear plan.  Is a road map in the works?  Please say yes.  ;-)

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