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Democracy is a cornerstone of Narrative

Our moderators will be elected by the Community.  If you visit this page, you will see many people have nominated themselves to be elected to moderate.

Moderation holds many benefits.  It is a paid gig you can perform anywhere in the world if you have a device and an internet connection.  If you moderate on a niche you have an interest in, you get paid to read content you would want to read anyway!

Here's the thing though: most interesting niches will have more candidates than they have slots for moderators.  You will be in competition.

How to stand out

If you take a look at the moderation election page of a niche (example here), you'll see that a voter only sees three things about you to inform their choice.  

  1. Your name and avatar
  2. Your reputation
  3. A very short blurb about why you should be elected

Use that blurb intelligently, with a link to your longer post on the Narrative Elections and Leadership niche.

Narrative Elections and Leadership niche (NEL)

As a candidate, any extra information you can give about yourself to voters, will give you an edge above other candidates.

It doesn't have to be much more information - if all you have time for is to simply introduce yourself, your interests and hobbies, and what your connection is to the niche topic - that will help tremendously.  We tend to want to know just that little bit more about who we are voting for, and giving that little bit more information doesn't take long.

This can be especially helpful if some of the other candidates have higher reputations than you do.  Reputation will count a lot in a voter's decision-making, in the absence of any other information.  But if you are able to provide positive impressions about yourself in your candidacy post to the NEL niche, those may end up being as meaningful as the reputation score.

Posting your candidacy on the NEL niche

  • Title the post: Niche: [name of the niche you want to moderate on]
  • Make the subtitle of the post: [Your Narrative Name], for moderation
  • Write about yourself, and make it as relevant as you can to the niche you want to moderate.  Invite people to engage with you in the comments, etc...



If you aim moderate on several niches, make new posts and tailor each one to each niche you want to moderate on, so comments can remain focused.

Finally, put a link to your post in the blurb on the niche's moderator election page.

And you're done.

You can post your candidacy on the NEL niche now, since content drafting is operational.  Log in to the alpha, click the little paper and pencil icon, next to your avatar screen top-right, make your post.  When you're done, hit the 'Next' button, and tag your post to the Narrative Elections and Leadership niche.  Hit publish - and you're done!

Community governance

As a final note, voters and anyone interested in Narrative's Community Governance, should follow the NEL niche (hit the small 'Follow' button underneath the niche name).

The niche will be home to information and discussion on all candidates for moderation, but also for the Tribunal and the Committee.  Candidates will discuss their core campaign issues there, so this is the place for everyone who cares about the future direction of Narrative, to learn about what the candidates believe in and intend to support if they get elected.  It is also a place to make candidates aware of what is important to YOU.

Most people are aware of how corrupting the presence of money in politics can be in our electoral system.  On Narrative - candidates can campaign for free.  Even better - the NEL niche is a niche like any other: you get paid for your posts there.

The NEL niche needs moderators!  You can nominate yourself here:





Original Post

Activity Stream

This is a great idea. You mention that a candidate can link their moderation nomination blurb to the longer post, which is a good idea. Since posts aren't live yet, is this possible or will we have to return after Beta launch to make that link?

Garden Gnome Publications posted:

This is a great idea. You mention that a candidate can link their moderation nomination blurb to the longer post, which is a good idea. Since posts aren't live yet, is this possible or will we have to return after Beta launch to make that link?

Thanks for bringing that up - I should have mentioned we'll have to wait until we go live before we know the URL to our posts on the Narrative platform...  I'll be prepping mine over the next couple of weeks, and then I'll just pop the links into the election pages on launch day.  

Which makes me realize - just 2 weeks to go.

Having a place to go into more than twitter sized detail would be handy. 

That being said, if you don't mind me playing devil's advocate, what happens when you have a niche where EVERYONE tries to stand out this way?

Then you have your dedicated voters need to check a lot of different links.

Also, if this becomes common practice, there is a risk of people trying to trick people into unrelated sites. We only have so many characters in our blurb, so I'd expect people to use various url shortening sites. If you can't see the actual URL, who knows where you would end up?

Still, its a promising idea. I expect I'll give it a try for at least some of the niches I'm applying to moderate. 

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