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Hello @J Bandel,

I noticed your bid for Weird Fiction. I wish you all the best for that Niche if you won it. However the current description of that Niche is including multiple subjects. 

"Covering all of the topics around the fiction genre that blends science fiction / fantasy and horror". 

I was about to appeal on it but I've a second guess that you might like to improvise the current description. If so, I'll be glad, if you're going to have it. 

I would like to do such discussions on Discord but I guess  you haven't Joined over there yet and we don't have any other proper communication channels, so I had to approach you here like this. Let me know your thoughts and feel free to join on Discord if you wish. 

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I agree with @BloggerKrunal@J Bandel. The name of the niche is a proper subject, to me, but the description could need improvement. More than to a "blend", it should be directly addressed to "weird". We don't have appeals on descriptions - even if different types of appeal have been suggested six months ago - so I hope you can consider an edit after purchase.

I would like to explain what classic weird fiction really is...and what is meant by a blend of science fiction/ fantasy and horror.  This is timeless and I've translated six books of "Weird Fiction" by authors such as Karl Hanns Strobl, Hans Heinz Ewers and others, all from over 100 years ago. One might call it dark fiction...but it has been known through the past century and more as weird fiction. I hope to encourage new writers of this genre.

I am willing to alter the description to remove the offending "Covering all of the  topics around"  and simply have it: The fiction genre that blends science fiction/fantasy and horror. That should make everyone happy. Without being rude I would like to point out  there are existing niches that are inclusive of different subjects or genres in their descriptions and they have not been challenged.

Weird fiction is a single genre that is well established in literary convention. If needed I  can find a way to join the discord channel but hope that will not be necessary.

@J Bandel, first off let me say that it's a pleasure that a niche can find an owner like you, who cherishes and knows the topic.

I just suggested a slight improvement in the description. No need to dig more, for my part. Thanks.

Nuno Moreiras posted:

Side note: I highly recommend J Bandel's translations  of those   texts, some of the best writing I've seen here and everywhere, for that matter   and really funny too

I TOTALLY agree with WhyMonkey on this!  These are amazing translations, capturing the original tone and flavor of the stories.  @Nuno Moreiras  @J Bandel


Yes, Joe's translations are incredible. They are great reading. And he's right on about the definition of weird fiction, a genre in which I write. There is a strong tilt in blending those three genres. As @Serroc says, it's a subgenre of speculative fiction, which encompasses the three genres in question whereas weird fiction tends to blend them while adding some strange effects that don't go often go into any of them. It's really difficult to come up with a description of this genre that satisfies everybody.

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