What about a narrative community podcast?

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Have anybody thought about starting a Narrative community podcast? Where we could talk about certain post we have trending or interview our other fellow community members. Just a thought but would be fun and extra promotion to get the word out in another form. I’m willing to help whoever is interested reach out to me.

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Excellent idea. Do you have a format in mind? A platform? Do you just want to do interviews, or discuss trends and other items of interest to the community? I'm wondering if the Narrative community is large enough to support a podcast at this time, but I think it's a rad idea.

I really like this idea, but maybe as a standalone podcast, not part of an existing one?

A platform like spreaker.com would make this fairly easy to do.

There could be interviews with popular Narrators, discussions of Narrative news, discussions around currently popular posts, and maybe a weekly niche focus (possibly tying in with the interview for the week).

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