Where can I find a more detailed description of the way reputation is being calculated?

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It really discourages me that I don't know how exactly the reputation is being calculated. I've compared my profile with a few other users with higher reputation and couldn't find anything that would explain what I'm doing wrong. I've seen users with less "high quality" marked posts than I have and with more lower percentage rated posts but still having a higher reputation. I've read the info on spec.narrative.org but still couldn't figure it out. 

So my question is, can someone send me a link with more details on what affects the reputation?  

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We haven't yet released the formulas for reputation. A number of reasons for that, but a very large one being that while we are in beta we've been making adjustments to the reputation formulas occasionally and what is there now might not be there for long. Reputation has already been changed a few times based upon activity and feedback.

Which brings me to another reason. We don't want to post a detail of that formula which we know will then be used as a step by step guide to making high rep.  It's far more helpful during beta if people make or lose rep organically.

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