Hello all,

I just wanted to say thank you to this great community and the team, I think you are doing great work during these difficult times in the crypto space.

I am longterm superbullish in general, but especially when it comes to Narrative. While the team is finishing the Beta, I think it was a great idea from Ted O'Neill to start the advertising campaign with this interview


where he made it clear that Narrative has to focus on the 99% of the world population that is outside of crypto instead of fighting against the other several thousand crypto projects for the 1% people who are already in the crypto space- this would be wasted energy.

Also it seems important to me that while we are in a bear market, in order to be successful we have to act as a contrarian. While everyone else is afraid and and makes dumb decisions, we should go out and build strong connections and partnerships.

This could also give us more attention right away if we are one of the few projects doing well while the others are falling down further and despair.

Also Narrative has running monthly costs like salaries to cover, so we also should not lose precious time. The time to act is always now, not in a distant future.

Some suggestions:

1. The team could contact social media faculties of universities, giving general information on the project. Students are in general full of ideas and could profit as content generators on the platform. Having professors and lecturers on board would be the best advertisement in itself, they would act as extreme multipliers of Narrative.

2. Giving away free niches (limited amount, e.g. 200 or 500 or 1000) to small companies. 

I am aware that niche rewards will be added to the revenue pool, however giving away some niches for free would save Narrative enormous amounts of money needed for advertising. And the returns will be huge. There are many small companies focussing on international customers who want to be present on as many social media channels as possible, e.g. bars, restaurants, small shops attracting international tourists. Optionally Narrative could demand that the companies receiving a free niche have to put a link to Narrative on their company's website- that way Narrative would be present on hundreds of websites with potentially several thousands of customers outside of the crypto space, who have never heard of the project- this would have a huge advertisement value in my eyes.

This would boost the level of awareness of Narrative and consequently the number of paid niches within a few weeks making the release of the Beta next year an explosive event which would then very likely attract large companies to place advertisements on Narrative.

I hope you find some value in my ideas and if so, kindly support them, and in advance I may wish you and your families a happy festive season and a successful new year.


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I don't see how giving free niches to companies of any size makes sense for Narrative, which is focused on community-sourced content, not press releases for companies that are already making money doing their own thing. I own a small business, but who gets to decide that I'm the small business owner who gets the Freelancing niche for free? Or Livestreaming? Or Essential Oils? There are plenty of other small business owners who could just as easily make the case for any niches relevant to them. That's giving away free advertising that businesses should be purchasing ad space for instead. 


I understand what you mean, you think it's not fair that someone gets a niche for free while all others have to pay for it. But I hope you agree that there should be some advertising in order to make Narrative popular. Advertising usually costs enormous amounts of money that could be better spent for improving the platform. Whereas there is an almost unlimited amount of niches that could be created- with no costs for Narrative but tremendous advertising value if those who receive the free niche have to put a link to Narrative on their own website.

And, to make a simple example: if a company wants to promote a new beverage, they often give many bottles away for free, standing at crowded places in cities, while at the same time this exact beverage is already sold at regular prices in stores. The difference is only that the consumers of the free products never intended to buy it because they often did not even know that this new product existed.

How many people on earth know about Narrative? 1 Million at most out of roughly 7000 Million.

How can the other 6999 Million people create niches, buy tokens, use referrals etc. if they dont even know that Narrative exists? So my suggestion is to send many e-mails, ask personally small shop owners and other entrepreneurs everywhere if they want a free niche together with the obligation to put a link of Narrative on their website.

Of course this decision should be totally made by the team and they could also allow only niches related to the receiver's company and also forbid niches to be given away for free which they think will be very popular in the future (e.g. internet, crypto currency and so on).

That way we will reach a totally new audience, we reach the 99% non-crypto-people Ted O'Neill addressed in his latest interview. We need those 99% people and to give away like 500 niches for free and only for a limited period of time, e.g. one year, does not hurt the project at all, in fact it does not cost anything and will bring many more paid niche owners and content creators and after some time huge advertisement revenues because large companies will come, once there are enough small companies and users here.

In my opinion we should try to reach a high number of participants, e.g. 100.000 users in 2019. This is an ambitious goal but I am sure that if we all work together we can achieve this. If there are many participants, the amount and quality of the content will increase and therefore the value of the platform. If we aim big, this could really be huge.

Maybe you or other users have ideas how to promote Narrative most effectively without causing high costs for the team? There are so many smart people on board which is the platform's most precious asset. I will open another topic for that, please join with your ideas. Thank you!

The other problem with giving free niches to businesses is that they can essentially own and dominate those niches to the exclusion of other narrators. If I was a company that acquired a free niche, I would have my employees become active members of the Narrative community so that they would be community-approved moderators of my corporate-owned niche. Then my employees could choose to feature/promote content we've created or that other narrators create that says go things about our company or our products and services, and everything else gets ignored.

I mean, technically that can still happen if a business owner (or member of management or PR or marketing) were to be the winning bidder for a given niche, but at least they're stakeholders by having invested in the community.

A better way to give away something "free" for marketing purposes would be to allow niche owners (all niche owners, to increase the user base by more than just a relatively small number of businesses) to get $75 worth of "free advertising" in the niches they own, first year of ownership only. This is a more balanced approach, as the something-for-nothing is $75 of ad space that won't be disbursed as revenue on that niche. So you get free ad space, but you don't get pure profit from being handed a free niche. I can see THAT as being more beneficial to the community at large, especially since it also rolls out the advertising experience for readers AND contributors, along with performance data that could be invaluable for the community as a whole.

Hey guys, good thread going on. Any ideas are good. Just to clarify one thing - small businesses are probably more aligned with Publications rather than Niches. (We have been laser focused on Niches so not surprise this isn't distinguished).  Publications are for organizations that want to control the content. I think this is what @New Social Media really means. Niches are public and anyone can submit content to the moderators for inclusion.  Publications will available at tiered levels.  All publication fees will also be part of the rewards pool. 

Hello @MOLLY O, hello @Christina Gleason, thank you indeed for your answers!  You both know much more about the technical details, I just meant advertising should meet especially the following criteria:

1. be as cheap as possible in order to save project money.

2. reach as many new people (those currently outside of crypto) as possible.

1. free niches or publications would cost nothing for the project, and as this is still a small project with small revenues, this seems very important to me (might be biased due to my accounting background ). Each dollar you save is worth at least two dollars you have to earn otherwise.

And as these niches or publications would be free for the recipients, they could be restricted in any way, nobody would have a problem with that, because they did not pay anything for it. Whereas if people are offered something at a discount (or in connection with a giftcard) as Christina proposed, I guess they would much more hesitate to get a niche. If I had not the intention to buy something myself and I am offered it at a large discount, I still may not end up buying it and I think many people will agree on that. Whereas if something is free, I have nothing to lose and will much more likely join. And the advantage would be for both sides free advertisement- being present on hundreds of small websites with a link to Narrative would give us access to completely new customers- see 2.)

And those new customers have more money than the current crypto investors because the latter have already invested, most of them have lost huge amounts of money, their pockets are almost empty and if they still plan to invest in crypto, there are several thousand projects which compete with us. Whereas people new to crypto could easily spend more money and would be more curious if their friends or business partners recommend them Narrative and getting a niche / publication. And if Narrative restricts free niches/publications to a very narrow use (e.g. the name of the respective small business) and also the related rights, you could print out thousands of them without any costs for the project while gaining thousands of small advertisements for free.

By the way @MOLLY O

have you seen this topic?


Do you think this topic may serve as a valid letter to Narrative's Santa Claus and we could get those gift cards before Christmas? Do you think this Christmas miracle is possible (no new exchange, no Beta etc., just a little giftcard under the Christmas tree)?

Thank you indeed!







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