I was reading a different post, and got a bit doubtful about this particular line that described the Personal Journals:

"Personal Journals may be suspended by the Tribunal for any reason. (And note that users may report Personal Journal content to the Tribunal.)"

So, let me get this straight: if somebody stumbles upon my PERSONAL content and, for any reason, decides to report it, I will be kicked out or suspended from Narrative? In the words of my beloved Charles Bukowski, "What the fuck!?"

I write about sex, drugs, decadence, alcohol, politics, racism, religion and existential pondering; all nicely decorated by coarse language and curated irony. Any of these topics might be (and usually is) considered offensive.

What are the rules? And will any of these rules affect my earnings?

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The whole goal of Narrative is to not have a backroom group mysteriously banning or deleting with no explanation. That's the system in place now, on most social networks. What we want is free expression, with some mechanism to denote content that may be NSFW, so that those who are easily offended can choose not to see that content.

The Tribunal will ultimately be made up of community members who are elected (and who can be removed) by the will of the community. Hopefully they will reflect the desires of the community in terms of their resolution of disputes.

No need to worry about censorship...Terms of Use aren't set in stone yet, but the overarching goal is to allow free expression.

Thanks for clarifying this, @Rosemary. I am an advocate for freedom of speech, specially as an existential erotica writer. I do, on the other hand, condemn hate speech, and all types of violence towards an specific group of people. So, if I understand Narrative's position, you won't censure anything that doesn't crosses these kind of lines, right?

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