Hello everyone, 

Tomorrow morning we will be updating this Community site. As I mentioned last week, we are doing this to get ready to manage support better as we get closer to Beta.  

New Community Home

The existing site will be archived. See the Archived Forums in the menu.  You can still respond to forums/discussions in the old site, but new topics can only be done in the new site.  When you click on the Post button, the following screen will come up.

Screenshot 2019-02-18 16.20.42

Now, you will choose the type of support post you are about to make:  Question, Issue, Suggestion, Tip, Compliment or Conversation.  You can also mark the post as private if you want.   This helps us engage better and manage the topics. If you set the topic type wrong, we can move it. 

All of the posts will be viewable by clicking on the Support Community option on the top menu bar.   You will be able to sort and filter things out by topic type.  The home page will show the latest posts as well. 

It should be fairly intuitive when you play around with it.  

When we make the update tomorrow, the Community site might be down for 30-60 minutes.  


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