I was thinking.... if someone buys a Niche and for what ever reasons does not maintain a Niche to high standard or does the least due to whatever reason could that be a disatvantage to community ?

Personally I think that a Owner of A Niche at mininmum has to put in place a moderator and renew each year or get penalised with no revenue but would that also hurt the community ?.

Would be good to know if a Owner can or should need to do any more. ? One thing come to mind is a rouge Moderator! but would the community do that fire them? or is it the final decsion by the Owner.?

I appreciate you can and I think should promote your niche and maintain "your property" (which I will do!!) If I get a niche!


But I love how Ted has handled this idea. Well done Ted!


Harj : )


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Hi Harj-

If a niche owner does not have at least one elected moderator in place, he or she will not be eligible to for niche owner network rewards for that niche.  Like you said, if the owner is not ensuring some kind of human moderation, then there is a greater chance of the niche being neglected. 

Owners nominate moderators, but they are elected by the community.  Similarly, once a moderator is elected, he or she can be removed by the community through a voting mechanism, as well.

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