Credit card processing is back online with even more options! And, based on the feedback we've received, we're going to maintain the two week deadline for Niche Auction payments.

When you win a Niche Auction, you’ll have two payment options - “Pay With NRVE” (our cryptocurrency token) or “Pay With PayPal.”

By using PayPal as our processor, we've extended the payment options by allowing users to pay with a credit or debit card, via their PayPal account, or via Venmo (US only) on mobile.

Here's a breakdown of the two options:

Purchasing a Niche Just Got Easier

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This is amazing awesome!  Paypal is particularly welcome...

I'm not sure the math is working though.. I've got 2 Niche invoices outstanding:

One is 5,857.44 NRVE which gives me the option to:

Pay with PayPal

$86.25 USD

Includes 15% convenience fee of $11.25

The other is 7,864.06 NRVE which gives me the option to:

Pay with PayPal

$87.31 USD

Includes 15% convenience fee of $11.39

The NRVE token on CoinMarketCap is currently priced at:

$0.009635 USD

So 5,857.44 NRVE multiplied by $0.009635 USD is $56.42 USD and

7,864.06 NRVE multiplied by $0.009635 USD is $75.75 USD.  15% of 75.75 is $11.3625... so this one seems correct at this particular time... but the calculation for my 5,857.44 is way off.








@AussieNinja The way I understand it, the USD value is calculated based on the exchange rate at the time you placed your bid, which means that the initial bid is equivalent to $75. If you were the only bidder with no competition, The USD value if paying by credit card/PayPal should be $75 + 15% = $75 + $11.25 = $86.25.

It is possible to pay more or less than this amount if you pay with NRVE. If you buy NRVE low and bid when NRVE is high, you could probably even profit. I'm not smart enough about all this crypto stuff to figure it out though!

Thanks David... you're right (of course), I just found this in the whitepaper:

"For Niches, initial and renewal fees are subject to a minimum of US$75/year, however. For Brands, the annual fees will be fixed (price TBD)."

I didn't realise the $75 minimum or the annual renewal fee... but I quite like the idea, it's a lot more fair to later adopters.





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