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Just back from a screening in Vienna, where one of the members of the audience made me aware of Ecosia, a search engine that uses its profits to plant trees.

I'm always eager for new ways to personally mitigate climate change, so I leaped at this.  I've been using Ecosia today and loving it.  I see no reason to use anything else, frankly.


Oh and they don't have any third party trackers, and they don't sell your data to advertisers, it is claimed.

Happy searching/tree planting!

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I gave Ecosia a go a while ago, because I too appreciated the ethos. I stopped because I found, at the time, that their search algorithms were nowhere near as good as google - it didn't return particularly good/useful results. But that was when Ecosia was relatively new. Might have to give it a go again, as it will probably have improved by now. 

JerrodBelcher posted:

Wow! This some good info, I'm going to give it a shot myself.

Great - enjoy!

It has been coming up on 2 months now, that I've been using Ecosia.

It is not as good as Google in many ways, so what I do is keep a Google link handy in my shortcuts.  I use Ecosia as the default for simple searches, but go to Google if the results are not good enough, or if I know I need one of Google's special functions (like displaying opening hours, or searching for movie reviews).

Around 45 searches plants one tree, they claim.  I think in the past 2 months, I've planted about 15.  If just 10 million people used it at this rate, Ecosia alone would be planting around 900 million trees per year.  Which sounds ludicrous - some other limiting factor would kick in at some point.  Still, it shows how much impact we can have by switching to this search engine.  They claim they have planted 44 million trees to date.

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