Part of a series I'm working on is based on a Twitter hashtag. In the editor, the pound symbol is blue with a blue strikethrough over the text that follows. Is this what it's going to look like when published? Because that doesn't work for me, and I'm not sure what to do about it.

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As it turns out, it's only doing it in two places, not all. I did copy/paste from a document, so it must be something glitchy in the cleanup from Word formatting. I'll just delete each instance of the problem and retype the hashtag manually.

I found a few other problems where I kept getting error messages and it wouldn't let me save my drafts. These were instances where I'd quoted material with special characters - well, they were translated into emojis by Word, as I finally figured out - but the editor wasn't able to highlight the problems for me, so I had to sort it out using trial and error. Maybe the to-do list could include "remove emojis" in the Word cleanup code.

Rosemary posted:

I'm not getting that formatting when I type in a hashtag. Did you copy/paste from a document? If we can try to replicate the behavior, maybe we can troubleshoot...

By the way, thank you for responding to our questions on a Friday night. Why do websites always roll out updates on the weekend? Never fair to customer support!

Thanks for the additional info...I do know there are some things in the works that will help cleanup code when you're pasting from another format. No ETA on that, but one of the things that will be ironed out before Beta launch.

It's always helpful to get this kind of detailed report at this stage!

Have a great weekend

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