Getting Started in Narrative

You found your way to the Narrative Alpha, now what?

First, did you get an email giving you access to the Narrative Alpha? If not, you need to get on our waitlist to get early access. You can do that here.

If you got the email saying the round has been unlocked, go ahead and sign in to create your account.  

The beta will be released in March 2019, but we are rolling out incremental releases between now and then. Here is the project roadmap.  

The point of this FAQ is to help guide you through what is available to you in the platform now.  This will be updated every time we release new functionality.

Even though this is an Alpha, please note that the actions you take on the platform are real. This is not dummy data.


What Can You do in Narrative Today?

  • Secure your handle and upload your profile pic
  • Suggest, review (approve or reject), and purchase Niches
  • Nominate yourself for a Niche Moderator position
  • (Niche Owners) Set the amount of Moderator positions for your Niche
  • Check your Narrative Reputation
  • Draft Content (but not public yet)
  • Get Certified

Read on for more detail on each:

The Alpha is focused right now primarily on the Niche creation and moderation process. Activities you can do today include:  

  • Personal Profile - create your handle. Don’t be @JohnDoe1390. Be @John or @JohnDoe or @Superman or @TennisGuru. Reserve your handle now!
  • Niches - these are the subject matter or content hubs for posting content to once the beta is launched. Alpha members can:
    • Suggest Niches - only 1 per day allowed. Make sure you look to see if one already exists. Here are some hints. Once Niches are suggested, they are sent to the Approval area in HQ.  Each suggested Niche has 72 hours of voting.  If 20 votes are not cast during this time-frame, the timer resets to another 72 hours for voting until the minimum number of votes is cast.
    • Vote on Niches - thumbs up or thumbs down on suggested Niches is all it takes. But if you thumbs down - you need to select why. To vote on Niches go to Narrative HQ and then click on "Approvals." Voting on Niches give you rewards. Read this for more info.
    • Purchase Niches via Auctions - Niche Owners are eligible for 10% of the overall Narrative Rewards. To find Niches that are already approved and available for bids, go to "HQ" and then click on "Auctions" and scroll past the ongoing bid cards. At the end will be pages of available Niches. You can also use the search function—make sure you search for related terms.  If you don't see what you are looking forward, suggest a new one! Note: the actions you do on Niches are real and will part of the final platform.  If you suggest a niche, it will be voted on, and if you vote on a Niche you should make careful votes, and if you bid on a Niche, you will be responsible to pay if you do win the auction. Failure to pay for a Niche will negatively impact your overall Reputation. If you win a Niche auction (initial bids start at $75 USD) you will see it on the "Pending Purchase" in the Auctions area. You will also get an email with a link to how to purchase the Niche.  You will be able to pay by credit card or with NRVE via the LAToken, Bilaxy, or Switcheo exchanges. NRVE from Niche purchases goes directly into building the content economy.  See our Video on Niche Ownership
  • Moderator Center. Niches will have human moderators. The Moderator Center is where nominations and elections of Niche Moderators occur. Right now, members can only nominate themselves to be moderators for any Niche.  The elections themselves will occur when the Beta is launched.  Remember Niche Moderators receive 6% of the overall Narrative Rewards. Here is a good guide developed by one of our members on how to nominate yourself to be a moderator for a Niche. 
  • Niche Management - Niche Owners can set the number of Moderators they want for their Niche. Right now, when a Niche is purchased via the Auction, it is sent directly to the Moderator Elections with a default of 2 moderators.  There is a Niche Management feature found for each Niche where the number of moderators can be changed. See this community post for the step-by-step guide to how to do this. 
  • Network Stats -  This features an overview of the Narrative usage stats including members, rewards, and Niches. It also includes the number of content posts ready for auto publishing when we launch the Beta. The Reporting area is accessible from Narrative HQ.  As we build out more functionality, Network Stats will be updated with more information.
  • Reputation - You can check your reputation.   In your Member Profile you will see a Reputation Tab. The most important aspect of the Reputation score is the influence that you have on the network. Trolls beware…..Narrative employs a reputation-based system to influence vote outcomes and content ratings. Reputation scores may impact the ability of members to perform certain functions, however, during the Alpha period, we will not enforce the Low Rep status. In fact, we expect Reputation scores to be low until we roll out features like content creation and KYC.  We can’t give away all the secret sauce but if you want to learn more about how and why reputation is computed in Narrative, read here and here.
  • Content Drafting:  You can now draft content that will be viewable to the public once that Beta is launched in March.  To draft content, you click on the Post Icon (Pen/Paper) at the top right hand side of the Home page.  This will launch the New Post window where you can draft your content. You can save the content as a draft or Publish the content. When you hit the Publish button, it is simply tagging this Post as ready for auto-publishing once the Narrative Beta goes live. You can view all your draft and published posts directly in your user profile. For more information read here or watch this video.
  • Certification: Certification is an optional process that establishes your individual identity (behind the scenes) and opens up additional benefits in Narrative. It does not force you to expose your real name on Narrative.  To get Certified, visit the Reputation tab in your profileRead more about this here.

In Narrative Alpha, you will see something called a Tribunal. This is the governing body of Narrative—a place where the community can go to “appeal” decisions. Today, the Tribunal is being used for appeals on Niches. By setting up the Tribunal in the Alpha, we begin to see the utility and function prior to launching the Beta when the Tribunal will have even more responsibilities. There are Narrative organization members on this Tribunal now, but once Narrative is up and running, the Tribunal will be elected by the Community.

New functionality coming up next includes:

  • Content Streams (yep, you will be able to see Content soon!)
  • Beta!


Feel free to post here or in any of the Community forums. Have a specific support issue? Visit the Customer Support area.  

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