Hello all,

Happy New Year, again, for any folks I missed previously!

So, I've been popping in to some of the cooler G+ communities and letting them know about Narrative as an option for them, once G+ bites the dust.

Hard to tell the exact day G+ will go to the great social network clearing house in the sky, but it will probably be in March, which is when our Beta launches.

I'm encouraging G+ folks to join the Narrative alpha and explore, and I'm telling them that @Narrative Network Team are building a number of importers to help people bring their content onto the platform.

So I'm putting in a request here, for a G+ importer.  I think you would find it worth your while, because if an existing G+ community can import its entire community content stream into Narrative, well, that's a huge boost for the Narrative community and network... 

Example - the Lord of the Rings community on G+ has over 120,000 members.  Our Lord of the Rings niche would benefit if all their content came here, and a large portion of their members.  I've put a word in with them.  I don't like spamming, so I'm only reaching out to communities I care about (I worked on Return of the King at Weta Digital, and like so many folks, LOVED the books as a child).

Thoughts about a G+ importer?  Millions of good G+ folks are going to be 'homeless' right around when our Beta goes live.




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