I think that if you are here it is because the blockchain technology has been a part of your life, come and animate to share content and experiences in the positive way that could change the world.

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Thank you Condes777 and congrats on founder status!  Yep blockchain has done just that! and Narrative has just enhanced the whole experiance. this is a great time to be in the crypto world with start ups like Narrative going to change the landscape!

thanks for taking time to write @Harj , the blockchain technology will change the world in many areas, but I liked that it could eradicate the corruption of the states if it were to be implemented. It would be wonderful to see a world where everything is done with transparency.

thanks to everyone for their contributions, this technology is definitely wonderful, I currently spend a lot of time in my life to the deeper knowledge of this technology, which has really changed my life and that of many, it is in the hands of each user to put a grain of sand in the growth and expansion of knowledge of this. congratulations to everyone for being on the right track at the right time.


NOTE. If you find flaws in my spelling, I want to confess that my native language is Spanish, but the English speaking community is very broad and I believe that technology is universal as well as languages. 

Condes no worries about your spelling bro btw im going to be following all of you great guys!

but about blockchain it is by far the invention of the century and I dont say that lightly it gives for the first time the average person the power to say this is mine and this is the proof that it is!

that is amazing never in history has man ever had the ability to say that with out someone taking if from you!

Even with gold which you would say is the same but remember this!

Executive Order 6102! Was United States presidential executive order by President Franklin D. Roosevelt "forbidding the Hoarding of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates within the continental United States" they could monitor and control that. Sad but true. so this is the only time in history where private property has teeth!

Condes777 posted:

I think that if you are here it is because the blockchain technology has been a part of your life, come and animate to share content and experiences in the positive way that could change the world.

Its amazing how blockchain and crypto blew up in 2017.  Prior to this most people thought that Bitcoin was for drug dealers and assassins. 

Every time someone finds out that i research and invest in crypto they have a million questions.  Some friends that only believe in cash, they don't keep money in banks, or have credit cards.  Starting to look into crypto and the benefits that are coming out from blockchain technology.  I believe that blockchain will reinvent the world and how we look at things.  Internet became main stream in the mid 90's.  Look where it is now.  

Think back (that is if your old enough) when we heard of Yahoo.  When the screeching and scratching sound of the modem getting online (@56k/s).  When you finally hear the sound  "You got mail"

Technology is growing faster then we could have ever imagined.  From windows 3.1 to now, or our beautiful floppy discs to SD card that can hold millions of those little buggers.  Technology and innovation is multiplying and advancing like a virus (not that its a bad thing).

If we were able to get here in less then 30 year.  Now with the invention of blockchain just think of what will happen in the next ten, or even five years.

Maybe one day i will be sitting here and writing in 2028.  Remember when Narrative ICO came out, or the crazy blockchain explosion in 2017.  Granted i wont be using a keyboard, it will all be transcribed from my thoughts directly in to Narrative reply.

hello guys, for me and I think that for many, the blockchain technology has become the most deeply rooted thought in daily life, in 2017 the blindfold has been removed, because I discovered that the chain of blocks is not simply a currency, is a fair and transparent tool, which could make humanity a fairer place.
for example. In Latin America there is a lot of vote buying in presidential elections, this is because they take advantage of the ignorance and need of the people, but we could create a voting system where every vote is registered in a fair way, they can not be falsified or modified. It could be that the vote is symbolized by a token, anyway. I have many ideas of how to improve the course of humanity with just one tool that we are beginning to explore.

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