How do I promote Narrative or My Niche?

If you are interested in promoting Narrative and/or your Niches, here are a couple examples of things you can do now. 

General Narrative Promotion

Be socially active. Here are some sample general tweets:

  • Be part of building the world's journal.  Get early access to the new #contenteconomy. Join me in the @narrative_hq  via my personal invite link (include your referral link here).
  • Calling all content creators. Get in early - join the Narrative Alpha now and start earning rewards when the beta launches in March. (insert your referral link)
  • Calling all content creators….there is a new platform launching to the public in March where content creators actually share in all the revenues.  Need a new home where you efforts are rewarded? Get on a list to join the private Alpha now before the big launch.

Niche Ownership Promotion

  • If you have a website, you can promote directly on the website. Here is an example from one of our members. Shortly, we will have branded assets for you to use. 
  • Use digital Niche Owner cards to promote on social media. Here is a post for how to do this. Tag your Niche name in the social media post. 
  • Reach out to existing related communities and groups (Google+, Reddit, Steemit, Medium) to let them know about your Niche on Narrative.  

Recruiting Moderators

We already have Niche owners recruiting Moderators in our Community site - this is one way of engaging an active community passionate about the platform already.  Now is also the time to start marketing for Moderators in other ways:

  • Posting about Narrative and your moderator needs to others who have similar (but unrewarded) roles on other platforms like Reddit and Google+ communities.  
  • Reach out to us to get a digital Niche Owner card you can use on platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with a message like “Looking for moderators for my Niches, send me a message to learn more.”  
  • Tweet about your Niche Moderator openings. If you tag @narrative_hq, we will retweet!
  • Examples of social media posts to use:
    • Want to be part of building the World's Journal?  Become #moderator for my niche called {Insert Niche Name here} and we will build it together. {link to your Moderator Election page}. Join Narrative now at
    • Calling all moderators - need moderators for my Niches in the new content platform, Narrative.  Interested in moderating topics like (Niche Names here with tags if appropriate}?  Join the private alpha now and sign up. and {link to moderator election page for your Niche}.
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