I undestand that the Alpha will start on the 29th March, I think the first 48hrs or 2weeks will be founders chance then open to all who participated in ICO.

How long will the process continue for a  month or as there is a lot to cover would be good if it was open all the time up to the launch of the platform. Giving plenty of time for keywords to be created.

Would like to know more about the moderation part also how will that be done in the alpha ?

Thank you


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Hi Harj! We haven't announced how long the alpha will go on, and that will depend on whether we need to make any adjustments based on real-world testing. We definitely want to allow plenty of time to get lots of Niches to be created.

The alpha won't require moderation, since there won't be any content yet...remember Chaucer is just about suggesting, voting on, and purchasing Niches for now.

The alpha will likely continue (and be enhanced over time) until we roll out the official service.  That said, there may be periods where we take the service down temporarily for updates, etc. as is normal in pre-beta and beta services.  The general idea though is to allow creation of niches continuously all of the way through the launch of the full platform.

Thank you Ted and Rose for your replies, Im happy to make many suggestions of Niches and dont mind others getting them but you mentioned we woud get reputation enhancement could you eleborate on that ? and my other concern is if all my best niches get taken by higher bidders as I have only 3330 NRVE and out bid every time. : ( then can I still bid on a 6th even if im out bid again by others ? I would be very disapointed if I make a unique contribution into niches which no one else has mentioned and get nothing from them. : (

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