I won a Niche and now how do I purchase?

If you have the winning bid for a niche, you will receive an email.  

The email looks like this:

Action Win Email Capture

If you don’t see this email, make sure you check your junk folder.  

Once you receive this email, click on the Pay Invoice button in the middle.  You will be asked if you would like to pay by NRVE or Credit Card.

NICHE Invoice Screen

If you choose pay by credit card, you will get this screen to fill out. 

Credit Card Screen 2

Once you complete the required fields, you have purchased your Niche.

If you choose to Pay With NRVE, you will get the screenshot below to fill out.


To find your NEO Address, go to your wallet from which you will be paying NRVE (Example is with NEON Wallet). NEVER EVER SEND DIRECTLY FROM AN EXCHANGE WALLET!

In your Wallet, click on Receive in the left navigation. Your Public NEO Address will pop up.


Copy your public NEO Address from your NEON Wallet into the NEO Address Field on the Narrative Payment Screen.

Click Start Payment Process

When you do this, another screen will pop up that looks  something like this:

Screenshot 2018-09-10 13.27.07

Note, you are not done yet...now you have to go back to your NEON wallet and pay to the Narrative NEO Wallet.  Copy the NEO Address presented.

Go back to your NEON Wallet and click on Send button on top left.

Send NRVE Payment

In the Send Assets Window in NEON Wallet:

  • Select Asset: NRVE
  • Enter the Amount from your Invoice
  • Address: Paste the address from the payment processor that you just copied off the Narrative payment window.
  • Choose your priority transaction option (speed)

Click Send and Confirm your payment.

You have now paid for your NRVE. 

Note: If the transaction has not completed in one hour please send an email to [email protected]. Please be sure to include your Alpha username, your Niche name, and your public NEON wallet address in your email.


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